Thursday, November 04, 2004

Hi Everyone (Take 2)

Oops, hit the wrong button by accident!

I'm Vauxhall Man (aka Sherlock77 at Flickr; aka Sherlock [without 77 on the end] at various places on the internet), but you can call me James...

Leon invited me here, hope I can both learn and eventually contribute as well.

My blog is at

I've only been doing it for a couple of months now and this is my first experience EVER at doing this kind of thing. My current blog is fairly plain, not all that jazzy, but then that's also my personality to some degree :D Go over to check it out and see what you think, it's a combination writing/photo blog and I only blog my own stuff (either writing or pictures).

My goal/intention with my blog is to challenge myself - writing - as I feel like I'm in abit of a rut that way, and to perhaps promote myself and my writing but more as a side benefit if/when...

In case you're wondering Leon... All the writing is off the top of my head, I get an idea and input directly into the posting function here in Blogger without using anything else. I then publish right away after a quick edit.

Yeah... that's me... A good profile of myself can be found here -


Blogger Leon said...

James - I am working on your name question. I was editing your previous post and you popped up again when I exited. This my first experience with group blogs. It is weird!

8:01 PM  

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