Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Summary of first lesson with Lou and Gale.

1 The Demo Blog Goes Group! was written by me.

Lou and Gale both accepted invitations.

2 "I'm here, not sure how to use this yet." was Gale's response.

3 I Wrote a quick post called First Lesson and asked Lou to help Gale. Notice: I did not email Lou and ask him to do this. Lou might be busy or whatever. Hopefully, he will check this blog frequently and respond to help requests.

4 When I checked this blog I saw that Lou hadn't written a comment in response to Gale's comment. I then wrote a quick note that may have been enough.

5 Since I knew Gale was new to blogger I wrote out a detailed step by step explaination ( Response Example to Gale's Question).

When Gale gets more familiar with blogger my responses will adapt.

Since I haven't read much of Lou's blog I don't know his level of experience but I know he can navigate blogger's interface.

Comment Request:

Gale - was the point by point request helpful or was it too basic. Since you didn't post, but used comments, I assumed you weren't familiar with posting this way so I based my response on our emails.

Lou - Think of how much time you can devote to helping others. Your first priority is your own blog. If you can write clear responses like the above then consider becoming a 'Blog Tutor'.
Both of you (and any other members) should check this blog frequently and feel free to post questions and ideas. Think about what you want to do here and leave comments to other people's posts and post your own ideas or requests for information. This is your blog as much as it is mine.

I want to see a post from Lou and one from Gale (within a week).
Say hi, etc, I need help with or can help with (choose something). Be as detailed as you want.

I have comments set to email me. So respond in comments abot this post please.


Blogger Lou said...

I am pretty sure I can write pretty decent "how-to's" or other stuff of the sort. But as I said in my post, I am pretty busy. I should be able to post three or four times a week.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Leon said...

Lou - 3? 4? - I expected at most once a week. Great stuff. Work at your own pace here. I was invited to join nanowrimo by one of my online friends. I feel prepared enough and I was busy. Good luck.

6:21 PM  

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