Thursday, November 04, 2004

Answer for Gale

What I'd like to know now:
1) how put links on the right side of my whaleblog

To put links in your side bar you need to enter the template part of your blog. Then you need to look around the template until you find some text that looks like (!-- Start Sidebar --) or something like that. Then you have a few options. One is to just place the HTML code for a link in. It looks like this- (a href="") What you want your link to say goes here(/a) Then you replace the "()"s with "<>"s and your set. Or you can make a new title for the links. It could say something like Links. To do that you would put this code into your side bar area- (h2)Links(/h2). Then you use the link code above to make a links underneath. Just remember to replace the ()'s with <>'s and don;t put anything past the (!-- End Sidebar --)

2) the flickr flag on my whaleblog
I am assuming you mean flickr badge. What you need to do is go to this page and follow the directions. Then you paste the code they give you into the sidebar area of your template as stated above.

3) how to make my existence known?
This is a good tutorial on how to make your blog known. Also see this website, BlogExplosion, for another way to get noticed.

4) how to find others who are interested in marine mammals or other animals.
For this I suggest searching the Blogger interests. Or you can go to Technorati and search for content.

At this point I am so unfamiliar with HTML that I would really appreciate if someone could walk me through it step by step.

HTML is pretty simple. Once you learn the basics the rest comes pretty easily. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you everything about HTML. So I will point you to where I learned. Webmonkey. There is stuff there on just about everything web related you can shake a stick at. Specifically take a look here and here. If your browser does not block pop-ups (I use FireFox) then Leon suggests EZHTML. I have never used it, but maybe try.

That should be a good start, hope I helped you at least a little bit Gale and good luck!

On the subject of how I post, it depends. Most of my posts to ORDER CONFIRMED
come via BlogThis. Others, I use the Blogger post area. For my novel, I write in word and copy to Blogger. For my Flickr posts, the basics.


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