Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Question For Gale (and everyone else).

How do you write posts to add text to your flickr pictures. Do you write the posts in a word processor and copy/paste them. You seem to be working from notes.

When I write at Firemind I usually use a word processor to write the text. Copy the information I need to make links and save to my computer.

I then log into Blogger, select Firemind, and then "Create A New Post". In the new post I paste my text and then edit it. blogger has tools for bold, making links, and so on.

When I work with pictures I will often write a brief note in flickr, blog to whatever blog I wish to post to, open that blog in Blogger, and paste the text. It is more work, but the results are better.

Questions: (small answers to comments, long answers with links and examples should be written and posted.

Gale - how do you write your Flickr posts?

Lou - how do you write your Blogger posts and Flickr posts? Do you write differently for each?

Christine - how do you write a post?

Future Members - how do you write for Blogger and/or Flickr?


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