Saturday, November 06, 2004

Comments Needed For Our Photoblog / Flickr Badge

I did some work on Our Photoblog. Since this will be a photoblog rather than a mixed or story blog we shouldn't have too much text. Have a look at the examples and then comment here. (Comments are off in the photoblog for now.

Check the link on the right to see how I linked to Fire Pix.

Lou and James - your flickr badges are ok, but with flickr's ability to load several sizes do we need a big badge here?

The tests should have been done in Demo Junk, but the examples will be deleted any way.

Look through each others photostream's and Christine's No1.typo website and see which pics you like and would like to see in the photoblog. Most of the pics will be ours arranged into themes, but pics from Flickr can be used to flesh out themes. A useful tag might be ourphotoblog.


Blogger Lou said...

There are no links in the sidebar...

4:14 PM  

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