Thursday, November 04, 2004

Welcome VM and an Update.

Welcome to our latest member Vauxhall Man ( do you wish to change this to JT) or your real name as per profile? VM - did you apply to join the flickr group? I haven't been there yet.

Gale - way to go. Don't forget a test blog so you can try things with out hurting your two blogs. I invited you here. You would invite me to become a member of your test blog. I would prefer that to us messing with your projects.

1. I wanted to keep members from participating in each others blogs because I want the responsibility to rest with me. I don't want to have to shut this project down (worst case scenario) because of some one else's mistake.

2. You asked me for help and I accepted for me not anyone else.

That being said I realize I am just another name in cyberspace. What is the difference if other members of the blog help you as well? None. I am actively promoting this blog and the local workshops I hope to give. That might change my responsiblities slightly. I started with you and the others in this manner to build up a group of skilled bloggers who can give good advice. This takes some of the pressure off of me and provides a group of people to interact with.

Therefore you are free to ask other members to join your testblog (you would be the administrater) this way they could help you directly. You would have to promote them to administrater to help with the template. You own your blogs because you have the account. You can ask a member to leave - BUT they cannot ask you to leave the blog. They would not be able to access any other blog you have.

Lou - you have worked with Gale and know how to write the 'tutorials'. If you have time this weekend (or earlier) show her how to invite someone to be a member of her test blog.

VM - What do you want to learn here and what can you offer. I will be outlining membership rules, but I know everyone is busy. I didn't expect this much activity so soon. :)

Key things to think about: As we discussed previously - who are you here? Your name is on your profile. Do you wish to remain VM? Do you want your real name in the other project?

Look at my Firemind site. When I wished to remain anonymous I fudged the 'posted by' section in the template. Because my real name was on my old blog (Victoria Update) I didn't want a pseudonym there. My 'blogger name' is Leon so that is how the program adds me to new posts and Blogger Comments. When I commented in other blogs as Firemind I commented anonymously. I would add a ( to my comment. It could get tedious. if you wish to use your name then it is a matter of finding the correct line in your profile and modifying it.

Assignments for VM:
1. Create a test blog if you don't have one.

2. Invite me as a member.

3. Find the locations I mentioned and change the 'posted by' area to 'carjunky' for your test blog. Republish all.

4. Check your profile and find where it says Vauxhall Man. Change it to JT or ?. Comment on your first post to your test blog.

5. Write down - in your test blog - what you did. (It will be transfered here later.)

6. Leave a note in this blog saying it is done. I will check it out when I can.

Leon's Notes: - James - as you can see some of this post was made irrelevant by our simultaneous posts. This is something to keep in mind when writing in a group blog.

Time and date changed to 8:18 pm.


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