Thursday, November 04, 2004

Example Links/Members Page

I started out in Diaryland and the templates were 'interesting'. I saw a diary with an 'About Me' page and a 'Links Page'. It was easy to do and didn't slow the loading of my diary. I still do that at Firemind. Check out "Links" in my "Contents".

(Note: Someone had 'firemind' when I moved my blog to Blogger. I had to take 'firemind2'.)

Member Page Idea.

Blogger Name - the member's Blogger Profile name and a link.

Nickname (optional)- I am so used to being called Firemind and I use it in haloscan/flickr etc - this may be irrelevant because we post using our Blogger names.

Main Blog - if you have more than one.

Flickr Name - what are you called at Flickr.

Flickr Badge - 1-4 square or small - set to random pictures.


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