Saturday, November 06, 2004

Notes For Members / Guestbook

Christine - re - edit your 'Link Moves' post to touch up the spelling. (Use the spellchecker). It is very clear.

Lou - your test blog is the same style as the photoblog. Can you test out the different sizes and types of flickr badges? Either link back to the test blog from a post or (preferably) make the blog public for a while.

James - can you poke around and look for groups, tags, and so on in flickr that might make nice additions to our links in the photoblog. Think of other picture sites. There are some that aren't blogs but are still great ideas and wonderful to view.

Gale - don't forget to invite someone to help.

Everyone - trade ideas on the flickr badges, and ideas for links, for both photoblog and here. I have several draft ideas for the sidebar and so on. I may just post the drafts and let you play with them and comment on them.

Guestbook - Our comments are restricted to members to keep people from interfering either intentionally or by just being helpful. This worked when we had only two members. I still think it is important to keep focused on the group. This will help when we do more detailed tutorials or help new bloggers. There is the fact that, as many of us have learned, that strangers can help and become friends. What I am trying to prevent are people who advertise thei blogs, but don't wish to contribute.

What do members think about having a guestbook instead of comments. It wouldn't be distracting and we could get feedback. The comments in the test blogs would remain restricted so that each person learns by doing.


Blogger Lou said...

I'll put one of each of the badge styles on my test blog and invite you now.

1:36 PM  

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